World Animal day 2050: ‘Thank-you-that-we-can-eat-an-animal-today-day’

On the 4th of Octobre it’s World Animal Day. In Holland this is one of the best known ‘celebration days’. But this really only means knowing that it exists.  It doesn’t mean everyone feels involved or responsible to do something with it.

So usually it comes down to dog and cat holders buying a toy for their loyal friend. Or an extra carrot for the rabbit. But this day is not meant to mean ‘no pet- no animals day’.Their are a lot of reasons to think a moment of other ‘beings’ living on this planet.

Now, I’m not going to convince people who ‘don’t like animals’ (how is that even possible, I always ask myself when people say that), to like animals. And I’m not going to convince people that animals too have feelings and do not have a voice to say that they don’t like to be hurt, live short and be slaughtered and eaten. And I’m definitely not going to convince people that we should not eat that much animal based products because that’s the cause of their sad and short life. Well at least I won’t convince people with this post. The doom scenario’s and ‘ýou should know better’ lessons I will save for Christmas. Because this is meant to be a ‘I want to share a great initiative with you’ post.

Wakker Dier, a dutch organization for the protection of animals, brings new life into ‘animals day’; ‘Do not eat animals day’. And with this they ask everyone not to eat animals for one day, animals day. And even better: they ask organizations to not serve animals in their canteens on this one day. That is really creating impact. And awareness. And involvement. Doing things together is always more fun and makes you not wanna be the partypooper (for the die hard meat eaters).

Ofcourse, personally, I think it’s quite normal not to eat animals on a day that is meant to give a little attention to animals (not meaning frying your steak with a little more love). But for those who need an extra reason: if everyone in Holland doesn’t eat meat on this day, we spare 400.000 animal lives. And if that is not reason enough: If you, as a company, join ‘Do not eat animal day’ you’ll get a nice thank-you-spot on the website.

Thank you Wakker Dier. And I, especially on animals day, will continue planning how to make every company join this yearly day. And then make it a monthly day; a weekly day; until, finally, we will have a yearly ‘thank you that today we can eat an animal day.’


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