What Has Meat Got To Do With It?

Surfing down the World Wide Web, for the best World-friendly recipes, I stumbled upon this table. I think this is a great way to show people the inefficiency of our meat consumption. Really, anybody ever concerning world hunger, human health, animal welfare or the climate, can impossibly deny his or her food patterns being of influence.

I think the summary of this table is simple: “Everybody can save the planet, one meal at a time”.

Number of people that can be fed with 10.000 m² arable land
Product Number of people
Cabbage 23
Potatoes 22
Rice 19
Corn 17
Wheat 15
Chicken 2
Milk 2
Eggs 1
Beef 1

Source: http://www.demorgen.be/dm/nl/5397/Milieu/article/detail/1212910/2011/01/28/Hoe-we-de-honger-uit-de-wereld-kunnen-helpen.dhtml


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