Fishy Voices

As a lady working in communcation, marketing and campaiging, I’m always hungry for inspiring campaigns. Inspiring doesn’t mean that a campaign is perfect in its images in its design, nor perfect in a multimedia way. A inspiring campaign is one that stands out, that touches people and brings them to action. Sometimes this is in a original or funny way.

As a lady interested in, and commited to sustainable initiatives and everything stimulating that, I’m attracted to the campaigning happening around our environment. I’m a die-hard fish protector, trying to make everbody around me aware of the bad things happening to our ‘beloved sea’ (and the ‘food’ swimming in it, which more people are really interested in). Our minister responsible for this, isn’t so interested at all. Let alone a feeling of responsibility. Read: ‘Food needs to be on a plate. Fishermen need to fish’.  Thishis campaign is aimed at forcing him to bé interested in it. Sing-along-fish meets The Little Mermaid meets politics meets self-made activists.

Sing along with the fish


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